United for Kids

The Facts

Since April, Place of Hope has been able to reach a record number of families and serve more foster children than ever before.  THANK YOU!  We are so grateful for your support and willingness to carry forward this vision. 

The statistics below are evidence of all that God has been doing since April 1.  Remember, it can take over 90 days to complete the licensing process, so we are right on track to meet our goals for the year!  Thank you for continuing to run this race with us as we jump in to our third quarter of the #UnitedForKids initiative. We look forward to updating you again in the new year.  In the meantime, please let us know how we can support and serve your church and congregation, equipping you to offer hope to the hundreds of foster children across our region!

1841 children removed from their homes
839 children not able to be able to be placed with a friend or relative, who must enter foster care
240 children who have been sent out of our region due to lack of available foster placements
153 new children entered the system last month

The impact of Church United on Foster Care

Churches Connected to POH for C/U Mission
Families Attended Orientation (not individuals)
Families Completed/Enrolled in PIP (not individuals)
Homes Already Licensed
Foster Children Placed

It’s not too late for you to become a partner and join this movement to empty the foster care system. For more information, please contact Josh Kolkana at JoshK@placeofhope.com or 561-775-7195.

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