Region-wide teaching series.

After surveying the core tenets of our faith from multiple sources including historical creeds, the Lausanne covenant, the National Evangelical Association, and Barna data, we identified four essential truths that our region is desperate and starving to hear. We will be teaching through these truths together as a unified Church in South Florida during November 2019.

Catalyze a tipping point.

A tipping point is when a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change…and this begins first with strengthening and mobilizing those in our pews.

Core Truths:

Truth: there is such a thing as truth. It is not found inside of me. The Bible is the source of Truth.

God: there is a God. He is the center of the universe. I am not. That means I owe him my worship.

Gospel: I am in need of a rescue. Whereas religion is about what I do to get to God, the gospel is what God did to reach me.

Mission: I am part of a larger whole, the church. That means I am part of the greatest mission on earth.

Suggested Passages:

  • Truth: John 18:33-40 (John 18:38)

  • God: Isaiah 6:1-7

  • Gospel: John 3:1-21 ( John 3:16)

  • Mission: Acts 1:8-11 (Acts 1:8)

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